BLDRmetal for Powder Bed Fusion

Complex High Hardness Parts, Tools and Prototypes

Industrial Die Set, Printed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Industrial Die Set, Printed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Laser Powder Bed Fusion is one of the premier metal 3D printing technologies. It features density levels over 99% and among the highest available feature resolution in metals.

The major drawback to using this technology for many applications has been a lack of hard metals that are printable without cracking. NanoSteel has solved this challenge with a new class of easily printable steel powders that combine high hardness and toughness. The first material available is BLDRmetal™ L-40, which can create parts featuring surface hardness of 70 HRC, high ductility with over 10% elongation and room temperature printability.

One of the first applications for this material is for an industrial die which is used in making the complex threading pattern for a bolt that resists self-loosening.  Visit our tooling case study page.

For more information about the technical specifications on the BLDRmetal™ L-40 powder please download the data sheet.

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