There are many compelling reasons to consider direct manufacturing of components and assemblies: speed, flexibility, complex geometry, not to mention the elimination of inventory. More industries than ever – from automotive to defense to watch-making - are finding that 3D printing can offer them benefits not accessible with conventional manufacturing.

The challenge has been in the lack of materials available, particularly in the laser powder bed fusion process. For many applications, M300 and 17-4PH do not provide adequate hardness. NanoSteel’s BLDRmetal™ steel alloys offer the combination of high hardness and ductility that allows 3D printing to offer similar performance as found in conventional manufacturing – while taking advantage of tool-less production.

When wear and corrosion resistance are the primary goals, NanoSteel’s alloys for binder jet 3D printing can be used to create parts that far surpass the incumbent 420 stainless steel.